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Rescalling Symmetry
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Rescaling Symmetry

On just four short webpages, a simple symmetry principle is described, which leads to a redshift of light and the phenomenon of gravitation, with omega(m) = 0.25, as in WMAP.  It also matches the supernovae data without the need for dark energy. 

In this model not only is space expanding, but the size of material objects is increasing too. The size of people, atoms, stars, distance between all objects - all these lengths increase uniformly according to

For a rescaling universe which also appears static, it must be that all physical quantities and constants rescale too. The size of atoms depends on Plancks constant, so for atoms to expand it is necessary that Plancks constant rescales too. The table shows the changes necessary for a rescaling. The variation depends on the number of length dimensions in the physical quantity. For example, Plancks constant has metres squared for its length dimension.


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